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Otherwise known as: Mal-Shi Malt-Tzu Malt-tzu Malti zu Malti-zu Shintese Maltese-Shih Tzu Shih Tzu-Maltese

The Malshi is an alert dog, small, happy and very actived. Nice and soft coat.

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A popular designer toy dog, the Mal-Shi is a cross between the Maltese and Shi Tzu. Also known as the Malt-Tzu, the breed was designed to be a low-shedder and makes for a very popular companion pet as they are easy to train and a delight to have around. The Mal-Shi's coat is long, soft and silky with a bit of wave. Mal-Shis are usually white or white with tan markings but they can be a combination of other colors including black, brown, black and white, brown and white, and black and brown. The Mal-shi is an adaptable, intelligent dog. They are likely to be active and outgoing, if not downright boisterous, but occasionally you find the laid-back and quiet personality. Your Mal-Shi will need some exercise, like a daily walk or a spirited game of catch.

Additional Information

The most important aspect of life for this breed is family: nothing else matters as much as being with you. If he has that, everything else is negotiable. Mal-Shis are a joy to be around: they're gentle and affectionate, playful and fearless. The Mal-Shi has moderate exercise needs and will curb his habits to reflect yours. If you're active, he will keep up with you. But if you're more laid-back, he'll be happy to hang out with you.

Clubs, Registries & Associations

American Canine Hybrid Club Designer Dogs Kennel Club International Designer Canine Registry Designer Breed Registry Dog Registry of America, Inc. (Based on breed recognition. See store for details on this particular puppy.)



Affectionate, Loving, Happy